Microimage mStudio is an enterprise class radio automation product of Microimage Mobile Media. We are an industry recognized mobile media solution provider. We provide comprehensive solutions for small to large scale radio operations over Free to Air, IP or Mobile. We offer mStudio solution for Radio Broadcasters (Free to Air), IP Radio Services, Traffic & Billing divisions of media houses and solutions for Mobile Operators. mStudio 3.0 is a cloud based solution which offers a comprehensive radio automation platform with visual, social and mobile capabilities.

mStudio 3.0, visual radio is fully automated and based on complex algorithms. It is fully integrated with existing mStudio version and comprised with content visualization, audio synchronization of video clips, and the integration of social media. Our solution has really invented an exciting TV show out of your radio studio.

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We power a large number of radio stations (free to air), IP radio services and mobile music services.