Comprehensive Rule Based Music Scheduling

mCollector is a comprehensive rule based music scheduling module. This module supports music ripping, content management, play back and rule based scheduling. mCollector is used to administrate all functions related to storing of songs, commercials, AOB’s (Article on board), jingles, liners. One of the most impressive feature is the ability to auto generate the play list based on music rules of the respective channel program. It also supports policy management of each channel program with ability to assign administration rights to different user groups based on their roles.


  • Visual element scheduling capabilities
  • Defining channel specific media attributes
  • Commercial, AOB, visual elements, music management
  • Integrated advance music scheduling
  • Music clock management
  • View current schedule and play status of scheduled songs for a day
  • Insert/edit jingles/liners/beds/station Id’s with playback facility
  • Ability to preview on air play list
  • Clock wise programme scheduling
  • Multiple rule management
  • History and violation
  • Automatic music scheduling according to the clock
  • Chart show auto scheduling
  • Channel programme management