Impressively Innovative Playout Console

mConsole is an impressively innovative playout console with multi-mode playout options. This dual screen (Capable) software module provides a host of features, which enables user friendly operation for radio presenters and complete playout automation.


Multi mode play out

Full Auto, Semi Auto, Manual for pre scheduled play lists


User friendly multiple play out decks

Seamlessly designed play decks with multiple functionalities.


Search media anytime you want

Multiple media search functions such as search by song, artist, album, CD, movie etc.


Jingles, liners and station IDs

Ability to assign jingles to hot keys and categories them.


Social collaboration

Ability to engage with the listeners on air live through Text, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp… etc;


And more…


  • Input video for streaming (SimulCast- Visual Radio)
  • Ability to play multiple sound streams simultaneously through multiple sound cards
  • Supports all popular audio media formats. (Ex: WAV, WMA, MP3 etc.)
  • Supports pre-fade listening (PFL)
  • Auto queue media with dead air elimination from start and end of song
  • Supports manual queue point setting and play out
  • Ability to handle live request shows with quick search, drag drop play out
  • Provides user friendly search, drag & drop features for live request shows
  • Supports detailed play out list with all required information on each play item
  • Supports color schemes to differentiate song belts and commercial belts
  • Supports jingles, station ID’s, Liners, Beds
  • Ability to view three hours of songs and commercial schedule at any given time
  • Cross fade between songs (Multiple cross fade options)
  • Comprehensive cross fade configurations with ability to customize fading style
  • Personalization features based on presenters login such as personalized colors/jingles etc.
  • Supports live login for presenters without quitting the console application
  • Tempo/Pitch control (Can Increase/Decrease tempo without effecting Vocals)
  • Ability to view song play history
  • Ability to preview up coming songs back to back using a special function