mStudio Mobile Apps built for all the leading smartphone platforms which provide rich radio listening experience on the go. You can listen with live data feed which shows current show, presenter on air, song name, artist and other info in real time. Further you can make requests directly to request shows and gain access to channel program line up. It also provides social media functions to share on Twitter/FaceBook.



Ability to listen to live stream on air


Ability to watch live stream of the studio


Ability to view future program line up


Ability to request songs


And more…


  • View interactive advertisements.
  • Provides social media (Twitter/ Facebook/ WhatsApp) interaction with the listeners .
    Ability to rate the music/program/DJ of the channel
  • Ability to view top 10 or 20 songs
  • Ability to view all the DJ details
  • Ability to view special events details of the channel
  • Ability to get access to channel website and channel store