Free to Air Broadcasters

Miroimage mStudio offers a comprehensive product suite for free to air broadcasters. mStudio consists of full featured modules to cover all aspects of a radio operation. It’s a multi channel enterprise solution, which can be deployed for a single channel operation to any large-scale enterprise deployment. Also the solution can be deployed in modules depending on the components required by the broadcaster. However, for a comprehensive end-to-end integration Microimage recommends the complete suite.

Microimage has partnerships with HP and Microsoft for deploying infrastructure requirements for mStudio solution. mStudio team will design the required deployment architecture based on the broadcaster’s needs using HP Hardware & Microsoft Infrastructure Software. The solution is running on Microsoft Windows Servers with SQL Server as the database. For large-scale multi channel deployments Microimage configures clustered architecture for high availability.

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IP Broadcasters

Microimage mStudio suite contains components specifically designed for IP Broadcasters. mStudio mConsole (IP) is a multi channel streaming console, which can stream up to 20 channels on a single workstation with full monitoring capabilities. This is seamlessly integrated to complete web based advance music scheduling module mStudio: mCollector.

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Mobile Operators

Microimage mStudio can power mobile music services using its mConsole (IP) streaming solution together with other backend software. Mobile Operators can introduce mobile music services / juke box services capitalizing on their data network for anytime anywhere music for it’s customers. The solution has the ability to scale up to any number of channels and provides customers with an array of music of their choice.

Microimage together with partners, provides complete solutions for operators, which include billing, & provisioning, mobile radio app clients, which can connect to the mobile music service.

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